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In Victorian times, ladies wore chatelaines like these in order to have frequently used tools handy. They were generally worn at the waist, either of the style that tucked in or pinned onto the waistband of their skirt or apron. A lady might have several chatelaines-- one for sewing, one for keys, personal hygeine, etc. Today, ladies enjoy wearing them for the same reason, or just as period jewelry to invoke the grace and style of an earlier time.

S878 Chatelaine

Sterling Chatelaine
1 3/8" by 2 1/2" long. Pins to waistband or lapel. Substantial piece. Perfect for holding a larger item, or one that would be clumsy on a multi-item chatelaine. Click to see enlarged view.

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Sterling Chatelaine

1" wide by 3" long. Perfect for delicate, light-weight items.

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Sterling Chatelaine Nail File

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spool knave not included
(see AR744 below)

Sterling Chain with Pearls

Beautiful 30" chain with 6 freshwater pearls is perfect for hanging a single tool because of a medium-sized lobster clasp in the center. Each link is actually TWO separate links, making this a very sturdy, yet delicate-looking, necklace. Slip over your head or use the snap-ring closure. .925 sterling silver. Incredible piece!

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Sterling Chatelaine Spool Knave

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sterling thimble holder

Sterling Chatelaine Thimble Holder

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